Our facilities provide a quick and easy way to redeem your 10 cent deposit containers

Quick & easy drive-thru service

We pay cash

We accept crushed containers

No limit on return numbers

How it works.

When you recycle with Exchange Depot, you get a 10-cent refund for every eligible drink container returned. Our service is part of the Containers for Change scheme helping to improve the environment and local communities.

There is no limit on the number of containers you can return, so start collecting today and help make Change for Change. With several depot and bag-drop locations, it’s quick and easy to help make a lasting difference.


01. Start collecting

Eligible containers

Most aluminium, glass, plastic, steel and liquid paperboard drink containers between 150ml and 3L are eligible.

Remove caps

Did you know that caps and containers need to be recycled separately? Please remove your caps and bring them in a separate bag so they can be processed with your containers.

Never too many

There is no limit to how many containers you can return with us. The more you collect, the better your refund will be and a more positive impact will be made on our environment.

02. Get returning

Depot drop-off

Return your containers to one of our depots and receive your funds on the spot in cash or via EFT (if you are registered with a Scheme ID). You can also choose to donate your funds a local community group or our chosen charity or foundation, which changes in each quarter of the year.

Bag drop-off

Our bag drop-off locations are contact-free. When you return this way, your funds are processed via EFT. You will need a registered Scheme ID for this option – create one here.

03. Start earning

We pay cash or EFT!

Receive your return funds on the spot in cash or via EFT (if you are registered with a Scheme ID).

Change for Change

You can choose to donate your funds and help support a great cause. We partner a different charity or foundation in each quarter but the final decision on your donation is up to you.

Western Australia / Queensland

Have you got your scheme ID yet?

No problem, we pay CASH at all of our Depots.
If you would like to sign up for the scheme please see the link below.


Download the VIC CDS North app from the Apple App Store or Google Play store below to sign up for Victorian sites. 

Payment Methods


All our depots will pay you cash with all eligible containers that are refunded at one of our depots. Please remember that our brag drops are paid via EFT and you must be registered with a Scheme ID.

Electronic funds transfer (EFT)

If you’ve signed up for a scheme ID, your refund can be paid via EFT straight into your nominated bank account. You can use the EFT option at both our depots and bag drop loactions.

We are changing the way people think about traditional recycling methods. Exchange Depot partners with a different charity or foundation in each quarter and you can help us make real change in the community by electing to donate directly to them.